My Monthly Favorites #3

Here are, with a little delay, the favourites of the month! This article could not have been written without Maria (who pushed me to do two articles instead of one)!

In my computer

My friend Maria convinced me to watch Anne with an E. The Netflix preview tempted me but nothing more. But as always, Maria was able to find the arguments to convince me!
Contrary to what I could have thought, I didn’t discover a series too childish, but a nice TV Show, very aesthetic, and above all without WTF story (yes Riverdale, I am judging you)
I’m really sad that the series is not renewed but it gave me the desire to read the books in order to find again the characters I’ve become attached to.

In my backpack: Tickets to Rouen.

I went back to the city where I studied to be a tourist and to show it to my boyfriend as well.
It felt good to escape from Paris! I’m preparing a guide for you so you can do it too.

In my memories

My Viking (Yup that’s how I call my bf) and my friend’s birthday parties Daniela.
My Viking being more reserved and Dani being one of my favorite (life) influencers I will tell you a little more.

Dani had booked in one of my favorite bars if not THE bar in Paris : Le Biscornu.
It was the opportunity to meet her friends. You know, I think you really get to know what people are like when you meet your friends.
With Dani, I didn’t learn anything that confirmed it to me: She has adorable friends, festive, open-minded, from different backgrounds and full of energy and kindness!

It was a great evening! It was also incidentally the night I learned that I was going to fly to New Destination but I’ll save that for later.

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