Looking back on 2019

I have the impression that yesterday I was writing the 2018 review.

Do you also think that time flies? For my part, I try to keep as many memories as possible, but it’s difficult to remember everything… so I think I keep in a notebook the important moments of 2020, big or small.

This blog is in fact like my notebook, I pile up memories, thoughts, I share discoveries and ideas with you. This year I took it up a little more, and in 2020 I would like it to continue.

Travel and Experiences

I was crazy, spontaneous and lucky enough (at choice) to go to my first concert in Glasgow, which i’ve been told, is the capital of music in Scotland.

Do you know Spotify and your playlist of the week, which is just suggestions based on what you listen to? I’ve been listening to it every week for over a year now, and thanks to that I discovered George Ogilvie and loved it. I thought it was an artist I’d like to see live.
Handy: Spotify offers the possibility to see an artist’s concert dates. But what was a shame was that he wasn’t playing in France, but in England and… Scotland!
It was a good excuse to go back there, I don’t regret this choice at all, and to have lived this moment with my friend Ross!

With Marie, we adore Mamma Mia, I can’t count the number of Abba songs on which we danced, sung at the karaoke, I think we went to see the movie Mamma Mia 2 more than 3 times at the cinema (if it’s not 5) anyway… WE LOVE IT !
But strangely, we had never been to see the musical! So it’s a great gift that Marie gave me for my Christmas birthday ! It was just magical to share it with her, thanks again Marie !

Lifestyle, changes, and internet.

I see 2019 as a turning point.
Travel and friends have a lot to do with it. I have been very well surrounded this year, friendships have been made, strengthened, others have faded. I felt grateful.
All this made my relationship with myself stronger, my value, my time, my opinions, my passions, all of this was important and I should not forget it, and above all, I had to take care of it.
I now know that I want to live in Scotland, and that the call of entrepreneurship has not left me. I am working on a project with my friend and former colleague Cécile that will enable me to answer this call. And for Scotland, with the Brexit, nothing is sure, but in the meantime I’m trying to save money.

I’m trying to save money in the meantime.

After 5 and a half years of dating and (misadventures), I have learned a lot, but not necessarily the lessons. I often repeated the same patterns.
It hit me one night after a big disappointment. It was brutal, and like the slap I had been waiting for for a long time, it woke me up.
I realized that I was giving time to people who were using me.
Finding a company to work for, a photo shoot, a technical service assistant…
I like to help, I didn’t often say no, so it was pretty easy to ask.
Now I dare to refuse if I don’t have the time, the desire or the energy. It’s difficult but little by little it’s something I manage to do.

I have learned to listen to myself, to ask myself the right questions, to protect myself. This allows me to give more time, attention and energy when I can.

This promises a pretty rich programme for 2020!

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