Inspiring women : Maria

On March 11, the weather was fine, I had missed several events of Carnet Prune.

I was quite tired, I wanted to rest on this Sunday but suddenly I was overcome by motivation and arrived at the door of the empty dressing room.

I was quite impressed, I didn’t know what to expect, what if there were a lot of people?
Finally I pushed the door of a cosy little apartment.
There was Angeline, two of her friends and the one who would become one of my most beautiful Parisian encounters, Maria.

After having made good deals, the discussion quickly turned around the music of the 90s and 2000s and then Disney, a common passion for Angeline, Maria and me.

And it was time to leave, I don’t know if it was Maria who followed in or me, but here we are talking on the road.

Without being able to explain it, I had the feeling that Maria had been put on my way that day.

A discussion on cinema, two holders of the unlimited UGC card and an Instagram exchange is how the empty dressing room ended.

Since then we have seen ourselves several times in the cinema, we have experienced adventures at Disney, seen a cabaret of Drag Queens, tested Parisian addresses.

Maria inspires me because she has this joie de vivre, she is naturally playful.
She is creative and a DIY enthusiast. When she has a project she manages to invest herself fully and with all the rigour that it requires, whether it is work in an apartment or her blog!

Moreover, it is vegetarian, and this is a value that is important to me and I would always admire it for that.

And yet we are very different, she, the blonde, I the brunette, I prefer Halloween while she, her party is Christmas. I’m pretty comfortable behind the camera and she’s in front.

But when it comes to stopping to take pictures or take the time to illustrate the dish we’re going to eat for our blogs, we look so much alike!

A taste for China (good tips, not the country), a big heart, a child’s soul, a passion for Disney and cinema…

Thanks to Maria I learned that:
– That I could come across a beautiful pin, that I just had to dare to ask to see a thong.
– That everything can happen if we let them happen (thanks to the Mary Poppins cup she gave us!)

Thank you Maria !

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