Inspiring Women : Abbi

There are beautiful encounters beyond the Tinder algorithm.
On Instagram, in the Explorer section, after going through accounts in search of inspiration and a new account to follow, I came across Abbi’s account.

But I didn’t know that yet.
For me it was still a beautiful account, minimalist, that showed the beauty of the details, with a superb photo treatment and a look I had never seen before on the app.
This is exactly the kind of account I was looking for!

Several weeks passed in an interaction. And one night in a story, I saw an illustration of Paris: Great! This person is from Paris too, or he’s travelling here!
I have to meet her! Such an inspiring person, it must be great to talk to him or her, or even take a photo trip.
Anyway, I slid into the DMs.

She was not Parisian, but is Scottish, she loves Paris as much as I love Edinburgh, we have the same feeling when we arrive in our cities of heart and when we leave them. She’s also a big Disney fan!

This is what I learned during our first exchanges.
I was completely amazed: Abbi is me… but in Scotland!

As time went on, as we got to know each other, we found more common ground. She shared some of the anxiety states I know, the same uncertainties about photography, work…

What I admire about Abbi is that she inspires a lot of people, and she doesn’t realize it.
She has a huge heart, I spent my birthday with her, she had had me a breakfast that I could eat after the rise of Arthur Seat.

She is also an adventurer! She studied in Orkney, a Safari, travelled to Paris, went on a road trip to Skye, when at her age I hadn’t even been to England yet and my dream of Scotland was still far away.

She takes a new look at things, it makes me think of my life in a very different way now. I didn’t take the time to go out with my camera in Paris, to stroll around, to appreciate the beauty of the city in which I live.
Now I push myself to go out even when I only want to hibernate. My camera as my only companion. Abbi loves Paris so going out and taking pictures of the city allows me to share it with her.

She introduced me to places in Scotland that are now my favourites.
Like North Berwick where we had the best weather possible, I could see the ruins of a castle, horses galloping on the beach, soaking my toes in the frozen sea.

Sur la route pour trouver Jamie, par Abbi

Or Falkland, where a mythical scene from one of my favorite series was shot. But it was above all the Zoo and the meal with Abbi and her mother that was a precious memory that day.

The karaoke in the car has become one of our rituals, you can imagine, we sing Disney!
But Abbi sings divinely well, she sang with Celtic Women, in front of a huge crowd. I would have been scared to death and I think I would have been unable to get a sound out, while she….she can sing ! And it’s so beautiful when she does it.

Thank you Abbi, for making me discover the best that life has to offer, for knowing how to enjoy it, for immortalizing it in my mind or in photos. To be there in moments of weakness, to share yours so that together we can be stronger.
And to take pictures of myself, which make me think that yes, I can be pretty sometimes!

Abbi is a photographer

And she now sells her prints in A4 format! I must say that my walls and I were looking forward to this, so rather than going to YelloKorner’s at Christmas, feel free to check out his instagram account and her iG story to see every print you can buy !

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