In my Monthly favourites #4

This month it’s a bit special, I was a wee bit behind the February release, and with the coronavirus, March is a bit quieter. So I decided to group the two months together and present you my favourites of February AND March.

In my memories

Our first (real) trip as a couple with my Viking. The month of December was very painful at work, and the management team surprised me by organizing a trip to Lisbon! Plane and hotel, everything was planned for me, and Julien joined me for this trip.
It was the first trip of the year out of the 5 planned. And with hindsight, I told myself that I would have liked even more to enjoy the city and go to Sintra. One should never take anything for granted, even the privilege of traveling.

(I will publish a Cityguide article about our 3 days there to tell you more about this city and this country discovered for the first time for both of us)

In my notebook.

Notes taken at MeetUp to get good ideas to execute at work!
I was struggling to find the time or the energy in this metro-work-asleep routine, but I was able to attend two MeetUp in February, the first one on self-care that taught me to understand what I needed to work on personally, and helped me build a goal: To be more active.
It allowed me to start running and stick to it for 3 weeks, 3 times a week.

The second was simply about customer service theme.

In a way, I find it inspiring every time. I go there more for the motivation and new ideas it can bring than for the networking I have to admit.

If you want to see the MeetUp you can go to (after the confinement) this is here ! There are different categories, sport, music, work, but also meetings with people who speak another language than yours. I think it’s for example a MeetUp where I would like to go because I don’t speak English so often and I miss it …

In my address book.

By now you all know my friend Maria, who is passionate about DIY and overflowing with creativity… I wanted to surprise her for Christmas, which finally turned out to be more of a surprise before her birthday: I enrolled her in a dried flower workshop with Houbline at the girls of Days to come !

Sophie, the creator of Houbline is really nice and full of good advice and creativity, even if I didn’t participate in the workshop, I really loved it! So much so that I’m thinking of decorating my apartment with a bouquet of dried flowers (but out of the reach of cats!).

And Alice and Léa in the days to come are real gems! You feel at home in their shop, you discover a lot of ethical products. During the lockdown, don’t hesitate to support them by buying from them, an e-shop is available 🙌🏻

You can see Maria’s point of view about the workshop in her article.

In my phone.

A new application/new site for me: Webtoon!
I’m a big fan of comics, but it’s been a while since I’ve had the opportunity to read some. I don’t have a place at home to buy some, and I haven’t been able to register to the library yet.
With a sponsored ad on Facebook, I stumbled upon the site. I had already downloaded the app but hadn’t hooked up to any webtoon and format.
It’s very popular in Korea, but I must admit I was pretty old school. For me a comic book is something you have to have in your hands…

And also…

I was fascinated to The Traditions of Olympus, which revisits the myth of Persephone and Hades. First of all I love the mythology, and the contrast, the graphics… well it all made me think “What if I tried again?” I quickly got over the episodes, and now I wait patiently once a week to read a new one.

But I had gotten used to it, and I wanted to read a wee webtoon again while waiting for the new episodes.
I stumbled upon my favorite, THE revelation. I thought that Traditions of Olympus was my big favourite and that I was going to struggle to find one that was at least half as good.

And I discovered Miss Abbott and the Doctor!

It takes place in the Victorian Era, has a strong inspiration from Anne with an E (that you may know thanks to Netflix, I mean, I do so) the characters are lovable, the stories are simple, but with a modern and feminist point of view (LGBTQ+, a policewoman, characters from all origins…).
I’m infinitely happy that I didn’t have to wait to read this story because…I wouldn’t have been able to wait haha!

I devoured it every morning and every night during the first weeks of lockdown, it was a nice moment to look forward to immersing myself in a story like this again. The contrast between the two main characters made me laugh too, it just reminded me of my boyfriend and me. Let’s just say I’m more eccentric than him 😅

So a big thank you to you Maripaz Villar (author of the weboon) if one day you pass by! Thank you!

And you, this lockdown has allowed you to make discoveries? Which ones ?

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