In my monthly favorites (2)

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

December was rich! But I had time to share with you my favorites of the month.
As winter is here, and it’s starting to get very cold, the favorites presented will help you find comfort!

In my phone :

End of session A cinema podcast where a bunch of friends meet in a bar to talk about the last movie they saw, but before that, they ask your opinion at the end of the session 😉
I really liked the Christmas series which presents movies we’re not used to watch at this time of the year. So Christmas scholars and geeks, you’ll love this episode!
I also invite you to discover the others and to take a good look at the titles that prove that these boys have

Podcast End of Session

Photo by Juja Han on Unsplash

In my computer.

I was OD’ing on Christmas movies, that’s all they had on Netflix. Still, I think it’s great to see after a day’s work or during my photo processing.
But one show caught my attention: Home for Christmas.
First of all, it happens in Norway (a country I dream to discover) then, we are presented the story of Johanne who embarrassed herself by telling her whole family that she would bring her boyfriend for Christmas. Problem? She doesn’t have a boyfriend!

The characters are endearing, we see the daily life of a young single woman during the holidays and her dating adventures.

All this with an atmosphere that I love and a good touch of honesty and realism.
My Netflix crush of this month of December 👌🏻

On my plate.

The most greedy and comfort food lovers already know this address but for those who need to discover it, I want to talk about La Poutinerie!

A place where you can discover in the kitchen two friends: Louis and Bastien. They bring to France the Quebecois dish: La Poutine!
But beware, they pay special attention to add their French touch with ingredients from our region, such as duck, cooking the meat or its origin: French!

No excuses with strikes, you can have your food delivered or walk a little to La Poutinerie, it helps to eliminate a bit the fries and put a smile on your face after a good meal, and this all over Paris 🙌🏻

La Poutinerie – 49 rue d’Enghien 75010 Paris

See you in January for new discoveries,
Comment to share your discoveries of December, or your favorite in this article!

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