In my Monthly Favorites #1

New post, new format!
I had several small topics that I wanted to share with you, without necessarily wanting to make a single article for all of them.
So here is the first of all, which will introduce you to my favorites of the month!
I’m still undecided on the title of this column, so if you have any suggestions…

In my hands :

“The Coorie Home” or the Scottish Hygge.
It’s a fact, I love Scotland, you know that. But did you know that’s not the only reason I bought the book?
Indeed, for the last 2 years, the decoration of my apartment has been a bit minimalist and Scandinavian (thanks Ikea), and I envy the friends who have managed to give their apartment a soul, and where you can clearly see their personality reflected in their interior.
It also struck me when I went to Scotland, the interiors are cosy (colsie in Scots) and there are often antique things, you feel good, like in a refuge from the cold and long, harsh winters.

The Coorie is to feel at home, sheltered, but also a place to receive friends, it is the fact of being busy at home for DIY for example, or to be able to sit by the fire with a tea and a book.
This book allowed me to discover new things about Scotland, a whole new point of view, more focused on everyday life, crafts, traditions.
Reading it and imagining how to change my interior became my evening ritual.

In my eyes.

I went to see the long-awaited Frozen 2 with Maria, and despite my expectations, I was still perplexed.
The horse made of water, the darker side, the trailer seemed so messy, so many things and… nothing at once! And what will replace the famous song Let it Go?
Anyway, it’s in a very full Cinema room that we could discover this movie.
And I loved it! The music, the colors (goodbye blue, long live autumn!). I even thought Olaf was funny!
I had no expectations, and I was really surprised!
Certainly some moments of the story are a bit slow, and dare I say… I’m even more impatient to discover the Frozen season at Disneyland Paris !

On my plate

With Cécile, we are working on a project, it brings us to work in many places!
I wanted to test Grounded for a while, because it reminded me of the coffee The Milkman that I enjoyed a lot in Edinburgh.
I wanted a café not too far from my home (so in the East so I wouldn’t have to cross all Paris) where I could work, where I could sit and daydream.
I liked finding this table in the window, although I think the best seats are the ones against the brick wall with a view of the whole café.
The prices are very correct for Paris, especially since the size of the cinnamon buns makes you dream!

In my dresser

I love to hunt, it’s no secret! But lately, I’ve been coming home empty-handed a lot.
One weekend, my father suggested I go to Emmaus (We have severals in France, but I think you’ve got only a few in UK), and I came across what I was looking for: a new sweater!
Surrounded by ladies throwing themselves on the pullover display, my eye was caught by a pretty red sweater. I look at the size it seems a little small, I look at the label, and it comes from United Colors of Benetton! Neither one nor two, I take it in. I tell myself that the price might be more expensive, but for the brand, I’m willing to put 10 euros in a sweater at Emmaus.
Result? 2 euros!

My luck had returned! And what chance to have Maria! She found me a wool jacket, too cute at Emmaus too! It’s the same print as her coat, so we match. I think we’ll be able to take pictures very soon to show you all this.

That’s it for this new kind of article! Feel free to tell me what you thought of it, or what you’d like to see in my ears? 😉

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