2020 : My Goals

Usually I always have a little draft on my phone where I write down last year’s goals. Today for the 2020 targets, I do the same thing. During the whole month of January I think about what I want to do, what can be achieved and what is important.
This allows me to define my objectives for this year with a clear head!


Don’t get me wrong, I know who Martha Stewart is, but for this year, she’s not my role model. I’m talking about my friend Maria, of course!

She’s brimming with ideas for her dinners and always knows how to entertain. In terms of decoration, recipes, atmosphere. So, this year I aspire to be a bit like Maria.

It’s been a while since I left school and I haven’t been practicing the grammar that was my pet peeve.

Also with the large number of American series watched, my English has become a spoken English and more US of British.

Today, I wish this would change. My time and budget won’t allow me to take English classes, but I still have a few textbooks. I will need a lot of rigour and discipline but I hope that in a year’s time I will master the grammar that I have often lacked!

Moreover, I already translate my articles into English, so this will allow me to progress.

Moreover, I would like to work on my diction, it’s also a job and I don’t really know where to start, so it’s very challenging. I rely a lot on my friends to tell me “BUT ARTICLE! » !

More culture :

More culture :

When I was younger I spent my weekends with my nose in a book, with time and adult life, Netflix and the phone have replaced my reading sessions.

My desire to take advantage of Paris to do all the museums and exhibitions was not satisfied.

I intend to remedy this, taking advantage of the first Sundays of the month and all the openings that the capital offers.

Not all goals can be achieved if I continue self-sabotage.
I’m multitasking, which makes it hard to stay focused. (Like when I was writing and spent some time on Twitter instead of continuing to write…) it often leads to procrastination, which I’d like to limit to the most.

So it also means not putting off any more sports or yoga sessions and odd jobs around the apartment.

As for stopping dating guys who aren’t worth it, I don’t think I’ll have that problem at the beginning of the year!

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