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Disneyland Paris : Dapper Day

Or how I finally got to participate in my first Dapper Day!

You have to know, even if it doesn’t show (yet)… I am passionate about vintage and retro fashion.
I might as well say that yes, from Titanic to Grease, the outfits made me dream.

So it was simply that I knew what is called Dapper Day!

What is Dapper Day?

Dapper Day is a day created to celebrate elegance, dress with class and assume your style (whether hidden or dreamt of).
In museums, in a park, at a concert… or here at Disneyland Paris! Because yes, the first Dapper Day took place in February 2011 in the USA and was followed by France in 2012.

The great thing is that the event is free! Yes, you don’t need a place for the park, you can just come in front of the Disneyland Hotel, show your outfit, or take pictures of the people who were there.

This year, more than 150 people gathered for Dapper Day.

How does it work?

First of all, you have to find out about the dates. For this, I invite you to visit the official website .
Then, if you’re lucky and have something to do in your dressing room, it’s perfect! Otherwise go to your grandmother’s closet, the thrift stores…internet!
You need to know if you want to be well dressed AND make a Disneybound, that is, dress in the colors of a Disney character!

I must admit, I was a little stressed…. I didn’t know anyone for this Dapper Day, but Maevane offered to join her, and she also told me that she had proposed to another girl who was also alone. Perfect! Perfect!

Finally I met this other girl…. on the RER platform! It was finally on arrival that I decided to go talk to him and ask him for the appointment for Dapper Day, before realizing that we were both joining the same person!

The magic of Disney definitely goes through the encounters!

Eve FoxmalismCharlotteQueenMaevane

Eve is in Disneybound Mickey, Charlotte in flowery pin-up and Maevane in Jafar!

For this Dapper Day, I decided to do by playing my favorite evil Disney, adored, adored…


Belle – Ju_Cosplay

For my Gaston outfit:
Dress: Heroes / Belt and Shoes: New Look / Tights : Gambettes Box / Tank top : Forever21


Do not hesitate if you recognize yourself to leave me a comment with your site or instagram:)
You can of course take the pictures, but remember to credit the blog or my instagram: BrunetteRoyalty

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