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Disneyland new season : Jungle’s rythm

For the first time at Disneyland Paris took place the season the rhythms of the Jungle!
It honours the book of the jungle and the Lion King. The Lion King being one of my favorite Disney (I am very nostalgic for the Disney parades I knew in the 90s) I still had to go to the park on the first day of the season.
And of course, Maria followed me on this adventure!

First of all the parade !

The tanks are less imposing than for the pirate and princess parade but they are original, colorful, and above all… the music is very catchy!

All of Mickey’s gang set off on an adventure, guided by Donald and his map, and they arrived at the Main Street centre. It is there that a singer and dancers who have put on their most beautiful ceremonial clothes in the colours of India will join them.

It was training, dynamic, new and very beautiful ! We’ll just move to another place next time to sing from a photo point of view, to have the castle and the characters who were right behind us. 😊

The show the rhythms of the Earth

If you have had the opportunity to see the show “Mickey and the Wizard” and you find the Lion King’s passage absolutely magical, rush to this show!
In this show, they retrace the story of the Lion King, but this time no animal puppets.
And if like me you are naive, yes, there is also the scene of Mufasa’s death.

Rafiki is interpreted for the first time by a man, I must admit that being used to Rafiki woman, I was a little apprehensive.
Apprehension, however, vanished when I saw the beauty of the costume, and heard the singer’s powerful voice.
We take it all in!
I think this is one of the most successful Disney shows, it shows all the work on stage and in backstage.
The costumes, the music, the dancers, acrobats, actors/singers, the light, the moving stage (yes!) everything was superb!

Special mention for Scar and her hyenas, as you know, I love bad guys!

I hope this little glimpse has made you want to rush to see this season which is really colourful! I’m going back personally on Sunday!

This will be the opportunity to redo new photos!

Will this be your favorite season at Disney?

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