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Beginning of the year : 5 Top things to do

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I see each beginning of the year as an opportunity to think about the past year and know what to work on. And on that, you need a good base! So I’ve listed here, in my opinion, the 5 things to do to start the year. These are the things I do personally, but I’m curious to know your tips!

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Forget about resolutions, think objective!

Resolutions for me are promises made to oneself that one never keeps, you just have to see people’s presence at the gym gradually diminish….

I prefer to have goals, and that they are mostly achievable 💪🏻

You had as a resolution to do sports? My goal is to be in better health, sport is part of it, but also food for example.

If you want to find someone, make it your goal to go out more in the places you like, to go towards others, especially those you don’t know. Do you want to read 25 books in 2020? Think smaller, read simply with pleasure and without pressure, take stock at the end of the year 🙂

What I can advise is not to think too big, to choose goals that will make you happier and/or become a better person.

This may be naive, but for me it’s the most important thing!

2- Cleaning up

Marie Kondo has already been there and you know how to organize your home, but I’m talking about DIGITAL cleaning!

At this time, we receive a ton of emails with lots of offers or wishes, it’s time to sort through the communications that no longer interest us.

For my part, I want to have emails that are useful to me, so I’ve kept newsletters, I haven’t kept brand newsletters: it has to be said, with social networks we’re already added bombarded with advertising, so there’s no need for me to have them in my emails as well.

On the social networks, I removed people I had never met, who were too negative or toxic, and those with whom I hadn’t had contact or conversations for a very long time.

On Instagram and Twitter, where I spend a lot of time, I kept friends and inspiring people. I want the time I spend on these networks to be useful to me and contribute to my creativity or make me think, or lead to debate.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso

3. Get (back) in touch.

For me, a new year is a new chance. That’s why I tend to take out of my life what I no longer wish for. And sometimes it’s about people.

What I’ve learned is that as adults, we don’t see our friends as much as we’d like and that with social networks we get less news. If you have people you miss, send them a message, organize an outing, a dinner party.

It also allows me to finally see that people don’t make as much effort as I do to see them, and therefore a link may have been broken. But that’s also what adult life is all about!

4. Preparing for a trip.

There’s nothing better feel good for the year than planning a trip!

From finding a destination to getting the tickets, the perfect accommodation and all the things to see, restaurants to eat in… I find it motivating and personally I’m passionate about it so I’m full of energy and good humour.

Moreover it allows me to look for new addresses with my method 😊

Photo by Rana Sawalha

5. Prepare your budget.

When I took my flat alone, I stuck my nose in my expenses and my budget.

It is never pleasant, but it is necessary.

I became aware of the subscriptions that I continued to pay for without using the services, of those that I had stopped but that were still charging me… and above all, I was able to ask myself these questions:

Do I still need it?
Can I deprive myself of that?
What savings could I make if I did more?

It will also help you to prepare number 4 of this article!

And you ? What are the things you do at the beginning of every year?

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